Babcock Ranch Neighborhood Breakdown 2023


To the end of 2023 and into the next year, new Babcock Ranch neighborhoods are sprouting up like mushrooms, not to mention resale opportunities in neighborhoods that are already sold out.

Which neighborhood is best for you? What are the pros and cons of each one?

In this video, watch John Garuti III sketch out the basic vibe and overall pros and cons for each ‘hood in The Ranch.

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Watch the entire video and the Team John Garuti Principal will take the guesswork out of wondering what Babcock neighborhood is best for you. 

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Video Transcript

So are you thinking about moving to Babcock Ranch? You might be wondering which one of these many neighborhoods is going to be the best fit for my family. Well, in this video, we’re going to take you through every single neighborhood, talk about the builder, and give you the scoop so you can make an informed decision when it’s your time to move to Babcock Ranch.
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Now let’s get into this video. So there’s a lot of new neighborhoods now in 2023. So far, 3 new neighborhoods have opened at the end of last year into early this year, and there’s about four or five more neighborhoods opening later this year in 2023. So you’re probably wondering which one of these neighborhoods is going to be best for me. And that’s what this video is all about.
So I’m going to take you right now down to my computer and we’re going to go over each neighborhood 1 by 1 so you can make a better decision on moving here to Babcock Ranch. Let’s go. So if you want to follow along for this video, I would recommend you to go to and if you come over here to visit you can click on this maps.
Button and Scroll down and we’re going to be looking at this phase one site plan. So here we are. Let’s start going neighborhood by neighborhood. So you got a feel. So first neighborhood right here, Lake Timber. So Lake Timber is the first neighborhood ever built in Babcock Ranch. It’s also referred to as Snob Hill, which is just an insider joke here for the residence, but.
The nice thing about Lake Timber is great proximity right next to Founder Square, right next to 31 to get out of Babcock, down to 75 or wherever you may be going. And this neighborhood’s unique because there were a variety of builders. So you got a nice variety of different home builders, different models in here. And the thing to note about Lake Timber is that it is now fully sold. There is.
I believe one or two home sites left with Florida Lifestyle homes. These are going to be $1,000,000 plus homes. I believe one home is here on Bullhorn Circle and there is one very nice lot left on Lake Timber Drive. Being on Lake Timber one of the advantages is you can build a dock if you live on this lake to have a boat to go sailing or fishing.
Now Lake Timber, the resale value of homes in here does tend to be a bit higher than the rest of Babcock Ranch and I never really understood why other than that there are some nicer home builders in there. Some of the home builders that did start in here only built a few homes and then left Babcock Ranch like Fox Premier builders.
Homes by town, that’s been a one of the models I sold that got a great price. Actually I sold two homes by town Homes in lake timber as resale. So they did very well. So if you want to get into lake Timber, most likely it is going to be on a resale basis. Now moving over, let’s go to neighbors, neighborhoods #2 and three which was Parkside by Pulty Homes and Trails Edge by Lennar.
So after Lake Timber first opened, I think the developer realized that he had to have more affordable options for homeowners. And that’s when Pulte and Lennar came into the mix here in Babcock Ranch. These two neighborhoods really helped usher in a lot of that initial demand and get this town going. At this point in time, both of these neighborhoods are effectively sold out.
So again, these would be resale neighborhoods. Now these neighborhoods do have a lot of families in them and I think part of that is because, well, it was one of, you know, the second and third neighborhood ever to be built here. It’s also has great proximity to the school. There’s also now this back entrance into the school along Palmetto Pass Lane here at the end of Trails Edge. So yeah, definitely, definitely a lot of resales going on in here right now.
And definitely a great family neighborhood, both of these. That’s the one thing people always comment on about Parkside and trails edges. You’ve got lots of families in this neighborhood, which for many people could be a great thing and for maybe for some other people not so much of a great thing. So moving on, we’ve got Lake Babcock. This is this was really community #4 and so Lake Babcock is one of two mixed neighborhoods.
So very similar to Lake Timber, you’ve got a variety of builders in here from Lennar to Meritage to Pulte to stock Arthur Ruthenberg Divco and really this neighborhood is also effectively sold out. I believe Arthur Ruthenberg owns one last lot. So if you are looking for a luxury custom home this lot right here on I believe that would be Palmetto St.
That’s available, I would say the minimum price to build a smaller home, there’s going to be about $1.3 million and up. You could definitely build something over $2,000,000. That’s a huge lot, half an acre. But yeah, Lake Bopcock also another a very mixed neighborhood, so a lot of families in here. But again, you know the one thing you’re going to find in Babcock Ranch, no matter what neighborhood you’re going to go to, it’s going to be mixed. There’s just.
Different levels of say like retirees versus snowbirds, first families versus empty nesters. So yeah, that’s really the scoop on Lake Babcock. So again, you’re really only going to find resales in this neighborhood at this point in time coming up. Now let’s talk about Babcock National because that was the 5th neighborhood to open here.
Babcock National is coming to a point now where there’s not too many units with golf left. So if you do like golf, you may not be able to get in here anymore with the golf membership. Now this street right here, which is not yet named, that is going to be executive homes with social memberships. So when we talk about Babcock National and bring up the term social membership, all that means is you get everything in Babcock National but golf.
Doesn’t mean you can’t play the golf course, You’re just going to pay the public rate. And you know, I would say the best piece of advice would be become friends with the member and they can bring you on as their guest. You can see this orange section right here that’s going to be coach homes with social memberships and then these last two tower buildings on whole to overlooking the driving range. These are the last two terrace condos, which will also be social memberships that are now for sale.
And you also have these verandas right here that are adjacent to whole 11. These are also social membership. So depending when you come, I would say probably by the end of 2023, I would say by then Babcock National be will be fully sold out. Now coming back around, let’s talk about Edgewater by Pulty Homes.
This neighborhood pretty much is 99% sold out. There may be at the time of this video like a few a few more inventory homes. So what an inventory home is, is that’s built by the builder. It’s also called the spec home. So they’re saying this home site is going to have this model. There you are going to select all the options, which Pulte typically does pick some very nice options for these homes.
Not the highest level of options they have, but definitely usually on that mid to upper level. Their sister neighborhood Edgewater Shores is also coming pretty close here to the end now and I know that Pulte is working on selling this neighborhood out, so they have also started to begin the process of building a lot of spec homes in here. So Edgewater Shores could be a great option if you need a home sooner than later because right now.
If you build a spec home from dirt with or, sorry, if you build a dirt, a home from dirt, a custom home with Pulte from dirt, it’s taking 12 to 14 months. Right now is what they are quoting their clients. So there’s always some good options with Pulte because they do have not only dirt lots available, but spec homes. And now right across the street you have Northridge. This is going to be a midsized community with a little over 300 homes.
Right now, I’d say it’s about 1/3 sold. Northridge has their Discovery series, which will always be spec homes. Their Discovery series doesn’t come with the full Pulty design experience. They you can’t do any sort of structural changes. And in terms of design options, they’ve got three different packages, essentially a good, better, best package. Most of their homes, they are specking with the better and best package.
Those homes are ranging from about four low 4 hundreds up to the about 4:50 and then they do have a two-story home called the Thompson which comes in around $530,000 right now. And then of course Pulte again known to be a semi custom builder. They’ve got a lot of great lots in here still on the water on the preserve. So a lot of good options in there. I would say you know definitely probably into early 2025 they are going to have.
Possibilities for you to buy and build in here. Now after Northridge, the next neighborhood that opened was the preserve by Dr. Horton. This is a neighborhood just full of villas. There is only one model, some really nice features on these villas, including impact glass. So if you’re a snowbird, I would say this neighborhood is definitely going to definitely probably have a lot of the older crowd, a lot of retirees, a lot of snowbirds.
And you know, will there be a family or two, I mean most likely. But the neighborhood does have its own private pool. So good prices starting around 3:50 going up to about 370 right now, all depends on your lot. You do get a few options of tile choices in the preserve and as of right now they still probably out of 158 villas, they probably sold about 60 in there. So they’re definitely going to be selling in.
This neighborhood, I would say through Q3 and maybe through the end of the year. Now, some exciting things. Water View Landing just opened by Toll Brothers. This is going to be a very highend neighborhood. The most affordable home you can buy in here is about $600,000, but a realistic budget for this neighborhood is going to be $800,000 if you want to be off water.
If you want to be on water, definitely. I wouldn’t even come to this neighborhood if your budget does not at least close to $1,000,000 and some of these premium home sites here on what’s called the bottom. These homes are definitely going to come over $1,000,000 with I would say you know you could probably Max out in here with Toll Brothers around $1.5 million. Now the this neighborhood did just open, but I am expecting this neighborhood to be.
More of the older crowd just because of a price point, right? There’s usually when you’re looking at families with young kids affording homes up to $1,000,000. Although there are some people and younger families that can afford $1,000,000, there’s less that can. So that’s my best take on Waterview Landing. Definitely going to be a luxurious place for the older crowd now. Some other cool things coming on. We didn’t mention Crescent Grove. This neighborhood is.
Sold out by Meritage. But right now we are going to Creston Grove to talk to the counselors because Meritage has one of the new neighborhoods open. Let me just scroll out here so you can kind of get a feel. So these are the new neighborhoods in phase two, anything that has a name right now. Crescent Lakes by Meritage. This has been open for a few months. So they have begun selling homes in here. There’s going to be 366 home sites.
And they’ve got a wide variety of products that range from about $350,000 is a good starting price going up to about low 6 hundreds for their largest home called the Sparrow which is a 2800 square foot rancher. I love this neighborhood, It’s gated. The one thing you’re going to find in phase two is all these neighborhoods are I believe are going to be gated, have their own amenities which means that minimum of pool.
Trescent Lakes for example does have a pool. It has pickleball courts, bocce courts and I believe a basketball court gated and you’re also getting the Internet and the lawn care in that neighborhood. So definitely some good options in the air and you can get some good size homes in the mid fours as well. The last neighborhood that just recently also opened was the Sanctuary by William Ryan Homes. So also a great.
Great range of products being offered by this builder. Their model homes I’m guessing should be finished by April, May and they’ve begun selling. I would say for a budget you’re probably looking about 350 all the way up to $800,000 depending if you go with the pool or not. William Ryan is 1 builder offering pools now and actually that has increased lately because faulty.
Never stopped offering pools. So you can buy a pool with both the if you build from dirt. You can build a pool with Toll Brothers if you build from dirt. And now the Sanctuary by William Ryan Holmes is also offering pools. Now moving along in phase two you also have the Regency. Now this neighborhood we’re very excited about. This is going to be the first 55 plus neighborhood inside of Babcock Ranch.
Right now we’re being told May, June, it’s going to open. I don’t have pricing yet, but again, this is going to be a 50 + 55 plus neighborhood. So if you love everything that Babcock Ranch has to offer, but you’re thinking, hey, I don’t want to be living around kids and whatnot, this is definitely going to be the perfect neighborhood for you. And moving a little further down South and to phase two, we’ve got Verde by Pulpy Homes.
I already see the models going up in here. I as of right now I’m hearing this is going to open in Q3. Now I’m hearing a few different things, but this is going to be under there, the Vasta brand, but it’s going to be treated like a Centex home. So now the best example of what Centex is would be that Discovery series that is currently in Northridge.
So Verde I believe will have, it’s not going to really offer any structural options on these homes. If this is what I what I heard is true, there’s going to be really no structural options. You’re not going to get that full design experience maybe, but if they go with that Centex line of thinking, you know they’re going to be packages per home. So the good thing is that this is going to offer a more affordable home from Pulte because Pulte.
When you go through that full design experience, it does cost more money per square foot than some of the other builders we have here, like Lennard, Dr. Horton and Meritage. Next we have Creekside run by Christopher Allen Holmes. This is going to be, I believe, a very familyfriendly neighborhood just because of the price point. Again, if you look at Christopher Allen Holmes, they are a they traditionally were a scattered plot builder.
They build throughout Lehigh Acres, North Port, Port Charlotte and Cape Coral and if you look at their pricing in those areas, they do come in around the low to mid threes. So I’m expecting some really nice price points in the air for buyers. I’m excited about that because we certainly can’t get enough of homes that are you know priced in that threes, low fours. And then lastly for phase two, we have Palmetto Landing and this is by Dr. Horton.
As of right now, we’re hearing this will probably open in early 2024, but I believe there will be 500 home sites in here and this is going to have two car garage homes. That’s the rumor on the street. Now there’s one other two other communities I wanted to talk about. So down here in future residential, this will be the first community in Lee County. This community will be called Terra Walk and it’s being built by Davasta.
And I heard some really cool things about this community. Not only some awesome amenities coming up, but the Vasta AKA Pulte will have a wide range of products to choose from. I heard there’s going to be villas, townhomes and then both single story and two-story homes in here with probably a pretty wide range on the budget. I’m thinking starting in the three hundreds just because everything right now in Babcock Ranch starts in the low to mid threes.
And goes up and where this neighborhood will peak, hard to say. And then lastly we’ve got town walk by townhomes. So these are going to be the first dedicated townhomes for sale. There’s going to be 1-2 and three bedroom townhomes. Prices are going to start in the low three hundreds. This is expected to open the summer right now if you go out there you can see.
All the machines out there, they are preparing the land, they are starting to lay all the underground utilities and the piping. So this probably will be a good option. I’m, you know, in my opinion, I think this is going to be a good option for, you know, people without children, maybe people that are snowbirds that don’t want something that’s so that requires as much maintenance as a single family.
Home does, so that is the wrap on the neighborhoods in Babcock Ranch for 2023. If you have any questions, please drop them below in the comment sections on this video or at any time you can reach out to the team at or Cole shoes of text 941216649. Well, I hope you enjoyed this video.
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We hope to meet you in person soon and hopefully call you our neighbor one day.

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