Will I Die of Boredom If I Move to Babcock Ranch?


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To answer the question, no, you will not die of boredom if you move to the first solar-powered town in the United States.

This post covers things to do in and near Babcock Ranch that will keep you and the kids (or grandkids) so hyper-busy that you’ll die of exhaustion from the neverending activities, amenities and shopping this place offers.

Read on and discover what to do, how much it costs and how far these activities are from Babcock.

After reading this post, you’ll need to pound 20 Red Bulls because you’re gonna need FUEL to tackle all that The Ranch offers.

What to Do in Babcock Ranch

There is never a dull moment in Babcock Ranch because there are many things to do and see. From Food Truck Fridays to petting animals at a local farm, there’s something for everyone. 

  • Food Truck Fridays

It’s always a party every Friday and Saturday at Founder’s Square in Babcock Ranch, from 5-9 PM. The community hosts different trucks selling all types of foods. The icing on the cake is that the event is free for all residents and visitors. 

Understandably, the cost of meals sold on food trucks is quite high with a meal of 3-4 people going for as high as $100. We blame the many overhead costs that food trucks incur to bring you those delicious meals. 

One trick that always works is packing food for you and your family. Then, buy some ice cream or tacos that are relatively lower priced than other meals sold on food trucks. 

Enjoy the evening as you listen to the live bands playing some classics from country to classic rock and more. Remember to bring lawn chairs. You can enjoy the live music while the kids run around the extensive green space.

If you attend the Food Truck Friday but you want a place where you can sit and eat in the evening, check out Lake House Kitchen & Bar found at the Founder’s Square. The casual restaurant sells beer, cocktails and delicious food.

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  • Events like an Annual Art Show

Attend the 5th Annual Babcock Ranch Art Show on the 11th and 12th of March 2023. The show hosts 60-plus juried artists from all over the country. Appreciate the beauty of art from a serene environment right by the lakefront at Founder’s Square. 

Art shows in Babcock Ranch feature products made of ceramics, acrylics, oil paintings, digital prints, photography, metal and jewelry. You’ll learn how different products are made as well as the inspiration behind them. 

The proceeds from the 4th annual Babcock Ranch Art Show (2022) supported struggling families in Southwest Florida. Book an advance ticket for the 2023 annual art show in Babcock Ranch for only $5 per person. The cost of art pieces varies depending on the size and materials used to create them.

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  • Babcock Ranch Amenities

Do you want to shake off Florida’s heat in the heart of the Babcock community? Go swimming at the Cypress Lodge. Or do you crave an afternoon grilling with your friends? Rent a barbecue cabana at the Lodge and unleash your inner Ron Swanson.


Cypress Lodge is approximately 11.3 miles from the entrance of Babcock Ranch.

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  • Go on Babcock Ranch Eco Tours in the Preserve

Experience the fascinating and untouched natural wilderness of Florida on an eco-tour. Babcock Ranch Eco-Tours feature 90 minutes through the different ecosystems of The Ranch. Through the tour, you’ll get up close and personal with nature. 

Don’t shy from taking lots of photos of the wildlife found in the preserve. Expect to see different bird species chirping their way freely, deer, wild hogs, wild turkeys, alligators and many more. Babcock Ranch Preserve hosts some of the most distinct wildlife rare in other parts of the country. 

You can choose to take Babcock Ranch Eco-Tours on a converted bus if you want some bushy laidback moments. Or, you can go on a buggy tour through the wetlands if you don’t mind getting your feet wet. Make sure to pass by the Telegraph Swamp while on this tour. 

Babcock Ranch Eco-Tour rates are $24.00 for adults, $23.00 for seniors and $16.00 for children ages 3-12. 

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After a Babcock Ranch Eco Tour, you might be famished. Get some local vittles at the Gator Shack Restaurant. Do Florida right and eat some alligator or try some local seafood. Their steaks are delish and you can order some collard greens on the side. Don’t expect to break the bank while dining at the Gator Shack because most meals sell for $8-20. 

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  • Go Fishing & Hunting in the Preserve 

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you could try fishing or hunting at the Babcock Ranch Preserve. Hunting and fishing are only allowed in some sections of the preserve and are administered by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). People wanting to hunt or fish should obtain the necessary permits and licenses from FWC. 

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  • Babcock Ranch Shopping

Babcock Ranch offers plenty of retail therapy at the Crescent B Commons retail plaza. Crescent B is an 82,540-square-foot shopping complex that lies at a new entrance about one mile south of the original entrance to Babcock Ranch. 

 Here you’ll find all types of stores from a grocery store to restaurants, nail spas and pet groomers. 

Publix anchors the shopping center and occupies 48,387 square feet of space with a drive-thru pharmacy service. Publix is a Florida institution and also one of the largest supermarkets in the US. This grocer is rated among the best Fortune 500 Companies for years in a row for a reason.

Visit a Crescent B Commons restaurant like Pi Local, where you’ll dine on some of the best pizzas in Punta Gorda. The classic pizza at Pi Local sells at only $13 which is a good bargain since it’s made using all fresh ingredients. Watch out for family offers on Mondays and take advantage of the discounts. 

M’Xuma Tacos is another restaurant found next to Publix that serves the best tacos and other Mexican dishes. Take advantage of their 2×1 drinks daily, Taco Tuesday and other offers. The restaurant even has a home delivery service for the Ranch residents. Some of the restaurant’s specials include the Quesadilla selling at $12.00, Burritos at  $18.00, and Enchiladas at $17.95.

M’Xuma also offers special events for Babcock Ranch residents like line dancing classes. People can attend these classes and then have some drinks at the restaurant later. The restaurant helps you celebrate special days such as the Día De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in October with face painting for kids. 

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Things to Do Near Babcock Ranch

Venture beyond The Ranch for fun things to do.

  • Go Antiquing in Arcadia

Attend an antique fair every fourth Saturday of the month in Arcadia, a city just north of Babcock Ranch off of State Road 31. This street fair is perfect for the hobbyists who just can’t have enough classic pieces or the casual collectors looking for something to add to their collection. Pass by every month, and you will find something to carry back home at a cost of $20-30 for most items. 

Other than the street vendors who sell once a month, Oak Street has more than 20 antique shops where you can always pop in search of that perfect antique. 

The distance from Founder’s Square, Babcock Ranch to Oak Street in Arcadia is 32.7 miles which could take you about 35 minutes in the car. 

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  • Visit a Wildlife Sanctuary

Located on Horseshoe Road in Punta Gorda, FL, the Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary hosts and protects endangered and sometimes unwanted animals. This Florida wildlife rescue center is a must-visit and is ideal for a family day out. 

You will see lots of hyenas, baboons, tigers, bears and lions. If you go during meal times, you’ll watch the animals getting fed. As you come here, don’t carry your pets as they would trigger the animals within the sanctuary. 

To access this facility, adults pay $10, seniors 55+ and children 8-17 years pay $5 while children aged 7 years and below don’t pay anything. Currently, this wildlife museum is closed due to the pandemic but there are plans to reopen soon. The distance from Babcock Ranch to the Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary is 10 miles. 

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  • Myakka Elephant Ranch

When you visit Florida, you don’t have to visit the Orlando theme parks for a good time. There are many hidden gems like the Myakka Elephant Ranch that will give you a memorable experience. It is a charity organization in Myakka City, FL, that is home to three friendly elephants. 

You will learn all about elephants from head to toe. If you pay for the VIP package, you can bathe them, feed them, pet them and take lots of photos as well. The standard rate is $29 per person while the VIP package goes for $189.00 per person. 

The distance from Babcock Ranch to the Elephant zoo is about 62 miles. Driving to Myakka Elephant Ranch from Babcock will take you about an hour. 

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  • Tour Local Farms 

We cannot complete a list of things to do in Babcock Ranch without including these amazing local farms. Your children will learn about farm animals and how to grow fruits and vegetables right here at Babcock. 

Springtime Adventure Park Fort Myers

Visit Springtime Farms located at 10761 Aqua Vista Lane, North Fort Myers 33917. Here you and your children can discover different farm animals in the dark. The farm provides UV lights but you can carry extra flashlights. 

Some of the animals you will encounter include bunnies, sheep, goats, geese, turkeys, cows, ducks, pigs, cows and many more. It will cost you $44.99 for adults and $29.99 for children for an all-day pass to go see all the animals within Springtime Farms. It takes about 22 minutes to drive the 15.3-mile distance from Babcock. 

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31 Produce

Take your family for a fruit and vegetable picking adventure at the 31 Produce located on State Road 31. The farm grows some of the best fresh produce around, and you can buy some to carry back home. It doesn’t get any better than harvesting your own fresh strawberries, tomatoes and squash from the fields. The fruits and vegetables are fairly priced. For instance, squashes sell at $2 each. 

Other than the farm, there is also the Cracker Shack Cafe within the property where you can eat some breakfast or lunch. 

It will take you 15-20 minutes to drive to 31 Produce Farm from Babcock because it is only 13.2 miles away. 

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Blueberry Bunch Farm

Appreciate the process of growing blueberries by visiting the Blueberry Bunch Farm at LaBelle, Florida. Here it’s not about just growing the berries but growing them organically with your health in mind. The farm opens its doors for U Pick during harvest season for several days. 

You can pick as many berries as you need. The berries sell at $6 for a pound or $25 for a bucket. Blueberry Farm provides visitors with plastic bags and buckets to use for picking. 

The distance from Babcock Ranch to the Blueberry Bunch Farm is 35.6 miles which could take about 45 minutes to drive. 

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Are You Dying of Boredom Yet? 

We didn’t think so with all that Babcock Ranch offers.
Be sure to stop at Slater’s Good & Provisions inside Babcock to fuel up on those Red Bulls. You’ll need them to tackle the myriad of things to do in and near the community!

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