Babcock Ranch Recreation Is More Than a Cult TV Show

In hopes of being clever, I tried to tie a post about Babcock Ranch recreation into the popular TV show Parks and Recreation.

The problem is that I have never seen one single episode of the former hit NBC sitcom.

So I consulted the latest rage in marketing and technology at large, Chat GPT, for help.

Babcock Ranch, the first solar-powered town in the United States, certainly has “well-planned recreational activities” and this post details a sampling with profiles of three Ranch residents and their recreational pursuits.

Upon completing this post, you will certainly have a better picture of the recreational scene at The Ranch where you can relax, stay healthy and socialize in the natural beauty of Southwest Florida without having to spend oodles of cash to keep you, the kids (or grandkids) entertained.

This post compliments our post on things to do in and near “the Bubble” for hearty outdoorsy folks looking to stay active in the community.

Get Wild at The Ranch

Before diving into the stories of our three residents, let’s talk about the community first. Every single area in Florida has its wonders, but The Ranch was designed to keep people who live here or are visiting what famed American writer and naturalist Henry David Thoreau described as “wildness” and its “preservation of the world.”

Here are some places to start:

  • The community gardens
  • Fishing
  • Kayaking and canoeing
  • Traversing the hiking trails
  • Watching the sunset on the boardwalk
  • Cooling down near the splash pad in Founders Square
  • Staying healthy at Lee Health’s health and wellness center


Now let’s meet three Babcock residents who will clarify the communities’ natural splendors.

Sports & Socializing with Linda Revis

Linda Revis is a member of the Babcock National Golf & Country Club and is uber-busy most mornings, playing tennis, golf and pickleball.

Babcock National offers exclusive amenities and recreational activities for all its members. It’s situated on the northeast side of Founders Square across Lake Babcock. It offers a breathtaking location and luxurious on-site amenities such as an 18-hole golf course, resort-style pool, fitness center and community clubhouse.

Linda and her husband moved to Babcock from Chattanooga. As newcomers a few years back, they found pickleball and tennis at Babcock National or the public courts at Jack Peeples Park a great way to socialize and meet new people.

When asked what is the most rewarding aspect of Babcock Ranch, Linda testifies to the healthy benefits of staying active:

“Well, endorphins, the getting out and exercise and the sunshine and laughing. And tennis is my number one. You meet so many people on the golf course. You start your day happy because you have all this fun stuff to do. This is like an adult camp.”

There are activities for people that don’t belong to the private club like the six tennis courts, four pickleball courts, two bocce ball courts and a basketball court at Jack Peeples Park. If you want to learn the fastest-growing sport in America, stop by the public park and residents will teach you the finer points of pickleball and even set you up with rackets.

Linda added that seven Har-Tru clay courts are in development at Babcock National as well as a park and more pickleball courts too.

How has Babcock differed from other communities that Linda and her husband have lived in?

“Well, it’s got it all. We’re coming up with the restaurants, the social. You go outside and you meet your neighbors. And everybody has the same plan. Everybody came here for the same reason, to have fun and meet people and be social. There are very few people that stay in their houses all day. We’re all out.”




Fishing Babcock With Mike Tyrna

Mike Tyrna is a sales professional and competitive fisherman from Traverse City, Michigan who now lives in Lake Babcock Estates.

He found Babcock through word of mouth after moving to the Fort Myers area with family. Mike fell in love with Babcock’s small-town vibe. He enjoys the fact that his kids can walk to their school like he did as a youngster in Michigan.

Mike got involved in fishing at 13 years old. He spent his weekends in college guiding anglers in Northern Michigan and then spent two summers in Alaska, fly fishing.

He reports that the Babcock fishing scene is déjà vu:

“The cool thing about Babcock is that there are lots of little pockets and access points to fish. There are many opportunities to get your kids into fishing. I’m looking forward to seeing my kids with fishing poles on their bikes and riding around town. It reminds me of my childhood, catching fish on the rivers and ponds around the area. The cool part about Babcock is that we have that.”

Want to get your kids away from screens? Mike has a solution.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s playing pickleball, hiking or fishing,” he added. “Those activities relieve them from television, video games or staring at their phones.”

Run for Fun with Stephen Scrobe

Stephen Scrobe is a current resident of Trail’s Edge in Babcock Ranch. He is also the coach of the Babcock Neighborhood School Cross Country team.

He is a fitness enthusiast as a certified conditioning specialist, personal trainer and USA triathlon coach.

He worked for 15 years in law enforcement in total — the most recent stint in the Cape Coral Police Department. He was a canine officer there and retired three years ago.

Stephen and his wife opened their own health and wellness company, called D1 training. They offer sports-specific training for children and one-on-one personal training.

If that’s not enough hats to wear, Stephen also operates the Babcock Ranch Trailblazer’s Running Club on weekends to encourage young people of all ages to improve their conditioning and agility.

Stephen shares Mike Tyrna’s passion for screen busting.

“All kids should be active – it’s an important part of their growth. You’ll help prevent them from sitting in front of screens all day,” Stephen said.

Stephen says Babcock is home to many competitive running events.

“There’s a bunch of 5Ks or 10Ks here in Babcock. Every Christmas they have one, and they organize a Turkey trot on the 4th of July,” Stephen added. “So, you could take part and have a healthy activity with you and your family.”

Stephen says the many Babcock recreational activities fit in nicely with the town’s sustainable ethos.

“The community can help you with whatever you need help with. It’s great to have very like-minded people living in the same area.”

Nature Surfing > Channel Surfing

If you like watching classic TV shows like Parks and Recreation, you can call Babcock Ranch home. If you itch to break free from the couch potato mold and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, The Ranch has abundant options that residents like Linda Revis, Mike Tyrna and Stephen Scobe enjoy.

If you’re a Babcock resident, let us know in the comments about recreation stuff we didn’t detail in this post. If you’re thinking about moving here, let us know any questions you have on Parks and Recreation, Babcock style!

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