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Babcock Ranch is known for environmental sustainability and prime real estate, especially its villas. In this post, we explore the current villa options in “The Ranch” as well as upcoming construction. We look at the pros and cons of the different villa options, pricing, and whether these units are good potential assets for investors.


Hey you, if you’re new here and looking to do keg stands at a college dorm in San Antonio, do NOT click HERE.


If you’re looking for a villa in Babcock Ranch, Florida, and indifferent to the hijinks of college students looking to blow off steam, keep reading!


Uh…What Is a Villa? 


First things first.


What exactly is a villa?


A villa is an attached home. Essentially, you share one common wall with another property. Typically, a villa houses two to three bedrooms, with an option for a third room to serve as a den, bedroom, office or keg storage unit (hello again, students).


If you would like to purchase a Babcock villa, either as new construction or a resale, contact Team John Garuti. 


We are the leading realty group in the first solar-powered town in the United States and have sold over 200 new construction homes in the community.



First Mover: Lennar Villas at Trail’s Edge


The builder Lennar was the first to feature villas in one of the first neighborhoods to populate “The Ranch” — Trail’s Edge.


In the family-friendly Trail’s Edge, there are villas sprinkled throughout. One street, Woodland Court, is all villas.


Lennar’s popular Trail’s Edge villa models the Queen and the Bismark have been benchmarks for other builders. 


The differences?


The Queen villa is slightly larger at 1564 square feet, encompassing two bedrooms and a den, whereas the Bismark model is a true three-bedroom, two-bathroom design with 1417 square feet of living space.


The Queen’s additional square footage makes it potentially more valuable on the resale market.


Trail’s Edge is sold out. If you want a villa, you should consider a resale.


Trail’s Edge Villas $$$


Pricing on these villas currently is in the $330-370k range. Besides price, another nice benefit of Babcock villas like those at Lennar is that they are completely turnkey.


Usually, the sellers are older and don’t want to take their stuff with them. You can move in with all the furniture, pots, pans, and dishes included. 


Contact Team John Garuti for more details as well as resale inventory.


We are the leading realty group in Babcock, having sold over 200 new construction homes and scores of resale properties.


Need Privacy? Try D.R. Horton Villas in Babcock.


D.R. Horton, another well-respected builder, offers The Preserve, an exclusive villa community in Babcock.


These villas are on par with Lennar’s Queen model with 1503 square feet.


The Preserve villas have a nice feature that separates them from Lennar’s units.


There is a separating wall that extends all the way to the roof, giving residents the benefits of a single-family home with its own trusses and roof.


This design provides enhanced insulation between the units and superior privacy.


For example, if you live next to a group of college students doing keg stands 24/7, you won’t really hear them partying.


Furthermore, the patio on D.R. Horton’s Preserve villas is on the corner of the unit, shielding you from your neighbors who are adjacent to you in Trail’s Edge.


A third benefit is that Preserve villas are classified as single-family homes, so you can build a pool if you’d like.


The pricing on Preserve villas by D.R. Horton is in the $360-385 range. Reach out to Team John Garuti for more information.


Get Luxury Babcock Ranch Villas


Builder Toll Brothers brings luxury to the Babcock villa game. 


Their villas at the new 55+ neighborhood Regency, though priced higher, are a reflection of opulence and customization. 


With an expansive design package, owners can choose from a variety of tiles, countertops, cabinets and even luxury vinyl flooring. 


Additionally, the biggest of their villas is approximately 1,800 square feet, making it the largest in the Babcock market.


If you want privacy on your patio to do keg stands, check out the luxury Regency villas that have a dividing wall extending all the way to the edge of the lanai unlike the Lennar and D.R. Horton villa models.


Regency Villas $$$


Pricing for Regency villas is in the $460-470k range that could climb into the $500s, depending on your design package and options.


Put in a pool to invite college students over to do keg stands in the water? You could easily be at $600k or more.


Interested in a new Regency villa? Contact Team John Garuti.


Villas Coming to Babcock 


Looking forward, Lennar plans to introduce villas in Tucker’s Cove, a water-park-inspired neighborhood coming soon. 


D.R. Horton’s next venture, Palmetto Landing, is also on the horizon and is expected to be unveiled by the end of the year.


If you would like to get ahead of the pitch on the villas in these new neighborhoods, get in touch with Team John Garuti.


Why Villas? 


Price and maintenance are the two dominant factors driving demand. 


These properties are some of the most affordable options in Babcock Ranch, excluding golf course condos. 


Also, they’re primarily maintenance-free. 


Roofing concerns?


That’s taken care of by the Homeowners Association (HOA)




That’s scheduled every five to seven years, depending on the builder. 


These factors make these homes an ideal choice for snowbirds, retirees or older couples without children who might live in Babcock half the year and don’t want to be bothered with upkeep.


Do Babcock Villas Do ROI?


While villas once promised lucrative returns on investment, this might not be the case anymore, especially in Babcock Ranch where property prices have seen significant appreciation over the years.


With that, home prices have shot up.


Though they are still sought after for their low-maintenance benefits and attractive pricing, from an investor’s standpoint, the cap rate on them doesn’t touch the usual 10% most investors aim for.


Keggars in Closing 


If you’re considering moving to Southwest Florida and not seeking a San Antonio college dorm, take a look at the villas in Babcock Ranch, Florida.


These units are especially attractive if you’re a snowbird and seeking a hassle-free, low-maintenance home.


If you’re looking for a realty group that is agnostic to keg stands and has Babcock villa expertise, hit up Team John Garuti:




  • Babcock Ranch in Florida offers various villa options, with prominent builders like Lennar, D.R. Horton, and Toll Brothers providing villas at different price points, sizes, and features.
  • Villas are popular for their affordability and low maintenance, making them ideal for retirees, snowbirds, or other demos.
  • Despite their benefits, villas in Babcock Ranch may not yield the previously expected high return on investment due to property price appreciation.

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