Where Is Babcock Ranch, FL?

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Babcock Ranch is a solar-powered town in Southwest Florida north of Fort Myers and southeast of downtown Punta Gorda. “The Ranch” mainly resides in Charlotte County just north of the Lee County border. The new community is about 30 miles east of the beaches and barrier islands lining the Gulf of Mexico.


As of this writing, Babcock is “a way out” in Southeastern Punta Gorda, nestled in farm and cattle grazing land surrounding Highway 31, the main artery in and out of the community. 

Expect the surrounding development to radically change in years to come, as the community grows to about 50,000 residents.


Getting to Babcock Ranch

If you need to travel to Babcock Ranch, here is some useful information:

Set your GPS to the address of the Babcock Ranch Discovery Center in the heart of the community:

  • 42850 Crescent Loop, Punta Gorda, FL 33982
  • Here is a GOOGLE MAP of the Discovery Center to assist you in finding the community.

You are going to have to rely on a car, as there presently is no public transportation to reach Babcock Ranch. 

You can Uber or Lyft to “The Ranch” but relying on these ride-sharing apps as a way out of the community can be spotty, particularly early in the morning or at night.


Proximity to Airports

Babcock Ranch is nestled between two major airports in Southwest Florida.


Transportation Within Babcock Ranch

When you’re in Babcock either hunting for a house or just visiting, consult the maps feature on the community HOA site to guide yourself around the community.

If you need to get to and from within the community, there are many options.

  • Rent bikes at the HOA, Sunset, or Jack Peeple’s Park. Rentals are handled through an app and you can rent at daily or weekly rates.
  • When Babcock Ranch initially opened in 2018, there were self-driving vehicles to whisk visitors and residents around the community. These vehicles were discontinued but there is talk that they may be coming back.


Exploring New Construction or a Resale at “The Ranch?”

Then contact Team John Garuti, a leading Babcock Ranch realty group that has sold over 100 new construction homes in the nascent community:



  • Babcock Ranch is a unique and innovative community located in southeastern Punta Gorda in Southwest Florida.
  • “The Ranch” is situated between two large airports serving the area.
  • Though remote (for now), there are Babcock transportation options like bike rentals to explore the community

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