Moving Into a New Home in Babcock Ranch Made Easy


This blog post is a comprehensive guide for moving into your new home in Babcock Ranch — “the first solar-powered town in the United States.” It solves move-in headaches such as setting up the internet, waste removal and other essential services.


Moving into a new home is a series of steps to follow.

Like following a recipe.

Moving into your new home in Babcock Ranch is NOT cooking Beouf Bourguignon.



The above clip is from the 2009 movie Julie and Julia where a food blogger aims to cook all 524 recipes from Julia Child’s landmark cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking in just a year.

What we detail below is not mastering the complicated art of French cuisine.

It’s moving into the first solar-powered community in the U.S. made EASY.

Like serving up some tasty mac and cheese in mere minutes.

Let’s learn a little bit about the community first.


Table of Contents


About Babcock Ranch


“The Ranch” is a unique and vibrant community located in Southwest Florida, known for its innovative approach to sustainable living and carefully planned neighborhoods. 

We realize that if you’re reading this, you already probably bought a new construction home in the community and know all this.

Still, we would like to provide some information to people “on the fence” about whether to hop on over to Babcock or not.

Team John Garuti is a realty team that has sold over 200 new construction homes in Babcock Ranch. We are experts in the burgeoning community.

Look at one of our recent videos exploring five easy steps in making Babcock Ranch your new home.



Here are highlights from the video for people mulling a move to Babcock who might prefer text to video:

  •  Get pre-approved first — base your decisions on what you can afford.
  • Understanding your options — check out the new and established neighborhoods and the different builders.
  • Work with a local realtor — do they do this full-time? You need expertise, not part-time results.
  • Do your research — Babcock has a lot of history, so make sure you study its roots.
  • School options — you don’t want to face an hour’s commute to another school or pay private school tuition because you didn’t put in the legwork.


If you are still in “consideration mode” on Babcock Ranch or have taken the leap and need questions answered, lean on the expertise of Team John Garuti by scheduling a call HERE.


5 Five Things You Should Know as a New Construction Homeowner


Back to our recipe for new Babcock Ranch homeowners.

Before you move into your new adobe, keep track of the following:


  1.   Understand the Warranty:

New construction homes typically come with warranties, often divided into structural, mechanical and appliance warranties. All Babcock builders offer a minimum one-year warranty. It’s crucial to thoroughly understand what is covered and for how long. Be aware of any limitations or conditions that could void the warranty. For example, with some Babcock builders, if you immediately rent out your home following purchase, the warranty is voided.


  1.   Conduct a Thorough Walk-Through:

Before closing on your new construction home, schedule a walk-through with the construction manager. This is your opportunity to inspect the property for any defects, unfinished work or issues that need attention. You will also learn about how to run the irrigation controller (more on that later) and other technical issues. 


  1.   Learn About Maintenance Needs:

Even though everything is brand new, it’s essential to understand the maintenance requirements of your new home. Ask the builder for a maintenance schedule and guidelines for the various systems and materials in your home. For example, if you buy a villa in certain neighborhoods like Trail’s Edge, the Babcock HOA is required to put on a new exterior coat of paint every five years. 

  1.   Document Everything:

Keep meticulous records of all documents related to your new construction home. This includes contracts, receipts, warranties and any communication with the builder. This documentation can be invaluable when it comes time for your one-year warranty where the builder, not you, is on the hook for any home issues and defects.


  1.   Budget for Post-Closing Costs:

While you may have budgeted for the purchase price of your new home, don’t forget to account for post-closing costs. These can include landscaping, window treatments, furniture, appliances and any additional upgrades or modifications you plan to make like building a new pool. Know who pays what. Certain Babcock neighborhoods offer landscaping as part of the HOA fees while others require you to pony up the cash to keep your lawn looking good.


Planning Your Move


Research local moving companies in your area, checking their reviews, licenses and insurance coverage. 

Request detailed quotes from multiple movers and compare their services and pricing structures.

 We recommend the following movers:


Regarding moving, we suggest that you sell your furniture from your old house and buy new stuff.

This takes the moving hassle out of the equation. 

You think this option might be expensive, but you can find quality used and almost new furniture on resident Babcock Ranch Facebook groups for almost nothing. 


Setting Up Garbage Cans

Ecologic Waste Management is the garbage service for Babcock Ranch. 

You can call them at +1 (941) 467-1499

To request your recycling and waste bins, create an account and submit a request HERE.

The garbage removal schedule depends on your neighborhood. Your construction manager can fill you in on the days.

Ecologic also offers bulk trash removal for heavy items like discarded furniture and large appliances. This service is offered on Wednesdays.

The current bulk rates are:

  • 1 item: $19.70 total
  • 2 items: $28.14 total
  • 3+ items: $11.26 per item


To schedule bulk pick-up, use the link above where you requested your garbage bins.


Activating the Internet

Once you’ve moved into your Babcock Ranch home, you can easily switch on your internet which is free for all Babcock residents and offers a robust 1 gigabit per second (1GB) of speed.

When you move in, the internet offered by CenturyLink is already in place. You just need to activate it by visiting THIS PAGE.

There is a modem in your new home, usually in the master bedroom closet, with a sticker with the above activation website and other account details.

If you run into problems with internet setup, contact the HOA division of CenturyLink by calling +1 (866) 706-4722.

Moving into a new home or finding a new one in an ultra-competitive Top 10 community can be stressful. We’re here to help. If you have questions, schedule a call with Team John Garuti HERE.


Setting Up the Irrigation System

When you do the new tour of your home with the construction manager, you will receive a titanic amount of information.

By the time we got to the irrigation control system, our eyes glazed. All the details on how to schedule the unit on what days and what zones went in one ear and out the other.

Luckily, YouTube and the internet are a wealth of information to learn about your Rain Bird controller or other device.

For a more specific approach to Babcock’s irrigation system, please click here to access a special PDF.


What to Expect About Your Water Bill

Babcock’s infrastructure, including the irrigation system, is designed to optimize water efficiency, ensuring that residents can enjoy the benefits of a well-maintained environment while minimizing excessive water costs.

We recommend you check the home water bills before moving in to avoid getting a high bill.

During the home walk-through, ask the construction manager if the sod is new or has been there a while. If new, it’s most likely the grass has been receiving daily irrigation for most of the day for the last 30 days or so.

In this scenario, again, don’t be surprised by a higher-than-expected water bill for the first month.


Joining the Community

That wraps up the new home recipe for Babcock Ranch. Now it’s time to eat!

Enjoy the community and interact with your neighbors in person and online. 

There are a multitude of Facebook groups for individual neighborhoods, local schools and you name it. 

Go to and search “Babcock Ranch”.

If you have additional questions on moving in or anything else about the community, hit us up:



  • Babcock Ranch is a Top 10 Master Plan community in the United States and is located in southeastern Punta Gorda.
  • Babcock Ranch residents receive 1 gigabit per second (1GB) of internet speed without any additional monthly fees from CenturyLink.
  • Contact Ecologic for trash services and utilize the internet for information on your irrigation controller.


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